A lot of businesses are flourishing with the coronavirus scare.

A lot of places are closing up shop for good now too. I have noticed a lot of online services are doing well. One thing that came to my attention is online fitness classes. Since I can’t drive and go to my body wellness center, I had to improvise. I decided that I wanted to try out a fitness class offered online. I should have checked my gym first to see if there was a certified fitness expert running a group class. Instead I found a girl on facebook that offered classes. It was a total bust. The girl clearly didn’t know what she was doing. I think she was attempting to do an online yoga class. Instead it was a lot of breathing, stretching and finding inner peace. It was a terrible workout. I think girls are using this quarantine as an excuse to try out different businesses. Not everyone is meant to be a personal trainer. It takes more than a cute outfit and gear to teach a class. Actual certified fitness experts have training and work out programs that they do. I am missing my group fitness class terribly. I don’t want to do anymore lame videos online and pay for a terrible workout. I wish I could finally go back to my gym and do my fitness class like normal. Hopefully the virus will vanish soon and life can get back to what it used to be. I can only go so long with inferior workouts.


Personal Fitness Programs

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