So my boyfriend booked us a two-night stay at this really upscale hotel.

We were both excited about our trip and everything.

We planned on have a lot of fun in the sun and all that. So we made the six-hour drive to the hotel and were both exhausted. But we didn’t end up getting a lot of sleep. No. I know what you’re thinking but the reason we didn’t get much sleep is because this upscale hotel turned out to be infested with fleas, or some other nasty type of bug like that. One actually fell out of the ductwork on to my face. It was this tiny little black bug. needless to say, I was super grossed out. While I was in the bathroom washing my face, my boyfriend said more of the bugs fell out of the ductwork system as the air conditioner turned on. Then he found some climbing around on the carpet. We contacted the front desk. They were willing to move us into a different room but we declined. If there are bugs in the ductwork system, then they’re in all of the rooms. Instead, we found another room at a 2 star motel. That motel was pretty cheap but they also didn’t have a bug infestation coming out of their HVAC system. I just hope we can get refunded on the upscale hotel though. I also hope we don’t end up bringing any of those nasty insects home with us. My skin still crawls just thinking about it. It is so nasty.


Air conditioner tune-up

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