There is an up-to-date independent heating as well as A/C company in town, as well as he is trying hard to rack up some business, and he has to compete with a major heating as well as cooling company that every one of us have in town! His number one goal is to deliver cheaper repair with the same quality as the corporation.

He put up an ad in the local church newsletter about giving away one free HVAC tune up as well as checking up to the first 10 purchasers that call him.

I took high notice to this because I needed an HVAC tune up as well as check up. Because of this I called him up as well as asked if I was within twelve different callers to get his generous offer. He told myself and others yes, I was only the minute caller! So I tied up the HVAC tune up with him as well as then he came to do the work. I have to tell you that he was one of the nicest people I ever met. He didn’t seem like your everyday heating as well as A/C worker. And not to mention, he got the job done pretty quick and absolutely deep as well as professional! He had my company immediately, the next time I have an issue with my central heating as well as A/C plan I can promise you that I am going to be calling up this up-to-date independent heat and air conditioner workman in our town. His prices were half as much as what the local heating as well as cooling company charges, as well as I am sure that he will do just as professional of a job on whatever my heating as well as A/C issue might be!

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