My sister Pam started dating our HVAC technician

My sister Pam broke up with her boyfriend several months ago and she’s been really bummed about it.

He was kind of a bum and he never wanted to work.

He would get different jobs, but he would never keep them for very long. She started complaining about how she would never be able to find a boyfriend who was a decent, stand-up guy. She was whining about it to me one day in her kitchen when all of a sudden her heating system made a loud banging sound and some black smoke started coming out of one of the heating vents in the kitchen floor! Pam immediately called our local heating and air conditioning company and had them send an HVAC technician over to check out her electric furnace. The HVAC technician showed up at Pam’s door within the hour. When we saw the HVAC service truck pull into the driveway, Pam went over to open the door. When she saw the HVAC tech jump out of the truck and head to the house, she looked at me and said how cute he was. I ended up having to leave to get to work, but later on in the day, Pam called and told me that the guy had fixed the furnace within minutes. She said that he seemed to know everything there was to know about heating and air conditioning. Then she said that he had asked her out to dinner. Now Pam is dating our HVAC technician, and she thinks she’s falling in love with him! She says he’s the only guy she ever met with a steady job!

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