My Sister is In a Fitness Recovery Program

After she stretches and warms her body up, she is wonderful to go about her afternoon

My sister was in a bad automobile accident a few years ago, and her back got really messed up. She’s used to waking up with such exhausting back pain that she can’t get out of bed. She went to doctors, chiropractors along with massage therapists, however nothing helped with her pain levels. As a last ditch effort, she signed up for a body recovery program at her body wellness center in town. The recovery program is run by a professional fitness expert plus does a few group fitness classes, where everyone in the group suffers from physical pain often. Typically, the people in her classes are older folks that want to keep muscle tone as they age. There are a ton of other people who have job related injuries that need to get back to work! My sister said there’s a different mix each day, but she likes her body recovery class! Her personal trainer is a lot of fun. The guy has her do a lot of partner exercises plus rotates who she works with! Some afternoons, she works with an 81 year aged person that hits on her or a person that got a limb crushed while working in a warehouse. It’s fun for her to speak with people and see the progress most people are making. She’s way more versatile and has better balance now. When she wakes up in the morning, her back still is tight, although she knows what to do now. She has stretches that she was given at her fitness class that she does as needed. After she stretches and warms her body up, she is wonderful to go about her afternoon. My sister is no longer affected by that one awful car accident.


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