I don’t always enjoy starting a new job at a different company.

I have been lucky to get along with most of the coworkers I have met over the years, but there are always working environments poisoned by one or more peoples’ toxicity.

Sometimes you have amazing coworkers, but your management team is overbearing or expects too much work output in shorter chunks of time. I’ve been in situations where I was forced into overtime hours without overtime pay. If the company is transitory and shudders its doors, changes its name, and moves to a different city—it can be hard to get reimbursed for the fraudulent activity and receive whatever payment compensation the company was withholding. But there are some occasions where tiny and trivial issues related to where you’re working can always make certain work environments less comfortable than others. I’m used to being in offices with air conditioning that is constantly running and having a sweater or jacket with me at all times to get warm if I need to. I have also worked in places that were so hot I had to dress accordingly to get a tiny bit of relief. Right now the office I’m working in has an HVAC issue, but nothing like what most would expect. We have a package style heating and cooling system and the entire machine and enclosure is on our rooftop. Since our office is on the top floor, we can hear the package air conditioners for the whole building running during the afternoon. You get somewhat used to the loud droning sound, but it can also be a huge source of distraction when you’re trying to focus on your work tasks.

Hydronic heater

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