My dad has been running an HVAC company for years with no advertising at all

My dad has been running his own HVAC company for the past thirty years in our little town.

He has always operated the HVAC business on word of mouth advertising only.

In all the years he has run his heating and cooling business, he’s never put a single ad in the newspaper or on the radio. He always prides himself on the fact that his little heating and air conditioning company never needed to run advertisements, furnace tune up specials, or air conditioning coupons in order to keep going. I always told him that if he would let me put an ad in the local paper to remind people about the HVAC business, then it would help him to grow his business. But then he would just say that he had all of the heating and air conditioning business that he needed to stay busy. I guess that my dad never really wanted to get rich or to have a very big HVAC company. He just wanted to help people with their heating and cooling problems and then come home at night to our house with the really good indoor air quality. We always had the best HVAC system in the neighborhood at our house, thanks to my dad being an HVAC technician. I guess it makes sense for an HVAC technician to have the best heating and cooling system in the neighborhood. Anyway, I always wanted my dad to try and drum up some more business for the HVAC company, but that just wasn’t his vision for his business.

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