My Brother Goes to a Rehab Class

A few weeks ago, my brother got into a bad car accident, causing his back to get all messed up.

  • He has been waking up with such exhausting back pain that he can’t think straight.

He went to see doctors, chiropractors and massage therapists, but nothing helped out his pain levels. As a last ditch effort, he signed up for a body recovery program at the local body wellness center. The recovery program is run by a certified fitness professional and runs a group fitness class. Everyone in his group suffers from physical pain each day Typically, the people in his class are older folks that want to maintain their muscles as they age. There are a few other people who have experienced work related injuries that want to get back to work! He works with an unusual mix, but he adores his body recovery class. His personal trainer is so much fun. The trainer has him do a lot of partner exercises and rotates who he works with. Some days, my brother is working with a 69 year old guy or a girl that got her arm crushed while working on the job. It’s fun for him to talk to people and seeing the progress almost everyone is making. He’s way more adjusted and has more balance. When he wakes up in the morning now, her back still hurts, but he knows how to manage it. He has stretches that he was given at the fitness class that he does weekly. After he stretches and warms up, he is great to go about his day. He’s no longer affected by that one disappointing day in his life.