Looking for a new plumber

Not too long ago, my family and I moved to Brandenton, Florida.

We found a really nice house but it really needed a lot of work.

Fortunately, my family and my husband’s had a lot of experience with construction work. We knew that we would be able to do our own flooring, roofing and even the electrical system in the house. The only thing we weren’t going to be able to deal with, is the plumbing. Neither my husband nor I had any experience with plumbing and that was posing to be the worst problem we had with the house. I decided to go online and see if I couldn’t find a good plumber in the Brandenton, FL area. I came up with such a huge list of plumbers that I was soon overwhelmed. I knew that I had to have a better way to narrow down that list, so I looked strictly for one area of Brandenton. This narrowed the list to less than half. After talking to my husband, he asked me if I had looked for plumbers who could do free estimates for the work we had to have done. It would be easy to compare the estimates and what work they were estimating for. I ended up with ten plumbers and I wanted to call and have each one come in and give me an estimate.I set up all of the appointments and we finally settled on just one plumber. I never would have thought that there could be so many plumbers in one small area like Brandenton, FL.