It seems like a complete other lifetime ago.

The time when air conditioning was not something common that everyone had. When I was a kid some of the more wealthier families had window air conditioning units. While the middle class folks like the family I grew up in had window fans. The window fans were not great let me tell you. Especially when it was hot and muggy outside! I do not miss those days of old in the slightest when it comes to heating and air conditioning technology. I do miss everything else about life in those times, but air conditioning not being a normal thing is one thing I could do without. Central air conditioning did not even exist yet, so yes, you can imagine how old I must be right? But let me tell you, I still also remember the day that my family was able to afford one huge window air conditioning system! It was like winning the lotto. It was in the downstairs area and when it was really hot we would all sleep in the living room like a slumber party for girls. It was the most logical thing to do to be able to have proper indoor comfort while trying to sleep. Today I have been so used to central air conditioning for decades that this all is a huge distant memory, but I do remember it well when I sit down and really think about it. This is something that makes me thankful for whoever was responsible for all the great heating and air conditioning technology we have in our hands today. It is a miracle!

Cooling system

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