I hate it when people say it is easy for me to be fit. Since I am already physical fit, it must be simple to maintain my body shape. No, not at all. Staying in good shape and resisting fattening foods is just as hard for me as the next person. I look as good as I do because I work hard. The first thing I do is tackle what I eat. I don’t eat any meat, hardly any dairy and I limit sugar when I can. Mainly I have fruits and vegetables. Occasionally I will let myself have pasta or substitute it with spaghetti squash. Next, I make sure to work out every single day. I don’t do days off and I promote muscle confusion whenever possible. Each day I try to target a different area of my body. Arms, legs, abs, and butt all get their own day. Somedays I do a combination of cardio and weightlifting. Other times I plan my entire workout to be weightlifting or intense heart pumping activity. If I can, I will ride my bike, swim in my pool or go for a run for one of my workouts. I like to make it different. If I wake up sore, I feel really good about myself. No matter the work out though, I always stretch before and after. Stretching, especially at an older age, is extremely important. It keeps your muscles loose and hinders injuries. I also like how good I feel after a good stretch. I don’t have any back, neck or shoulder pain when I do it.


Gym transformations

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