I am a gymnast and I work out every single day.

Six days a week I pick a gymnastic element to drill.

I do walkovers, back handsprings, tucks, handstands, front handsprings, and cartwheels. Rotating what I do ensures that every trick gets some love and that I don’t kill my body during the week. Cartwheels just kill my legs. After an hour of doing drills, I can hardly walk to the shower. Handstands have it where my arms won’t hold me up anymore. Walkovers require my back bending and I get to where it simply won’t do it anymore. I like knowing everyday something else is getting worked on. I don’t see as many injuries rotating and my body looks fantastic. No area of my body is left alone. I get leg, ab and arm work with all the different tricks. I do however like doing one day a week where I don’t tumble. I think it is important to give my body a break. I take that day and I don’t bridge, straddle or split. Instead I get to do heavy cardio work. I will whip out a jump rope, go for a run or swim in my pool. Sometimes I choose to do weight lifting or I might head over to the local fitness center in town and do a group class. Sometimes I like having another person tell me what to do. It gets exhausting determining what element to drill and for how long. The fitness expert gives me workouts I never think of doing. I got jump roping from the expert actually. It is a fun hour that is good for muscle confusion.

Personal trainer

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