I am getting ahead of myself though

My boyfriend and I are house hunting. There is one place that we both like that has a giant outdoor laundry room. The house can easily have the washer and dryer moved indoors. That means the long and wide outdoor laundry space could be used as something else. My boyfriend desperately wants to convert the space into a work studio. He wants to fill it with wood, tools and work solely in that spot. He will muck it up and hoard a bunch of stuff in there. I want to make it a work out space. The ceilings are tall enough and the space is long enough for me to tumble. I have two folding mats that easily could be opened up and used in the space. I then could install some hooks to hold my jump ropes and shelving for my free weights. It would be an ideal work out space. I would not disrupt my boyfriend with my music and I could keep all my workout gear in a single area. What I would need to do is add HVAC to the space however. Right now it just has a single window and nothing else. In order to work out all year I would need quality heating and cooling. A space heater and window AC wouldn’t do the trick either. I would need something powerful that could control moisture levels as well. I am getting ahead of myself though. Right now we don’t own the house and my boyfriend is still resistant giving me that entire area.


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