I am so happy! It is getting close to the end of the horrible summer heat and we are almost at the beautiful fall season.

This means that I can finally turn off my central air conditioning system and open up the windows to get some clean fresh air flowing throughout my home.

For months now all that I have had in here is the stale and bad air quality coming from the central air conditioning system. While air conditioning is needed to survive when it is as hot as it gets around here, too much air conditioning can be bad for your health when you have to be in air conditioning as much as we do around here in the very hot and horrible summer months of the year. This heat lasts for about 4 months. If it was any longer than that, I would probably have to invest in a whole home air purification system or at least some kind of portable air purifier. The air quality would just get too bad with nothing but air conditioning for over 4 months. I feel for the people who live in those kinda climates. I have no idea how they even put up with it to be honest. But as for me, I am really looking forward to the great natural air quality that I will be able to breath in twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for a little while in about a month from now. I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning!


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