When you get a brand new thermostat you have a few different choices when it comes to installation.

You can either try to instal it yourself or call a heating and air conditioning professional to do the job.

Most people end up calling a heating and air conditioning professional these days because of the type of thermostats that are on the market. The most popular thermostat these days is the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat is very complex to instal because of its hook ups to an app on cell phones and computers. Unless you really know the inside and outs of a smart thermostat, the best bet is to call a heating and air conditioning professional. If you are attempting to instal the smart thermostat on your own and have no idea what you’re doing you can damage the smart thermostat and you will have no recourse to be able to replace it. The stores would consider that damaging the merchandise yourself. However, if you have a heating and air conditioning professional installing the smart thermostat and something goes wrong, you are covered because all heating and cooling professionals are insured, certified and bonded. So the next time you decide to buy a thermostat, if it is a smart thermostat, call your local heating and air conditioning company and do not try to do it yourself to save a buck. If you do not take this advise it could be the biggest mistake you would possibly ever make. And you will blow some money, and I am sure you would not be happy with that.


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