My wife and I have had our own business for the last five years.

  • She has a business making her own soaps, lotions and beauty supplies.

We started talking about her getting her own storefront, but when we found out how much the state would take in taxes, we put that idea on the back burner. Last year, we found out that there were many reasons for moving to Florida. There are hundreds of miles of beaches that surround the state of Florida. There are hundreds of natural Springs in Florida and they boast more natural Springs than anywhere else in the world. There are several different ecosystems that range from dry sandy beaches, to humid cypress swamps. We have also found another very compelling reason for moving to Florida. We found out that Florida doesn’t charge taxes to their business owners. I could finally get my wife into a storefront and she would officially have her own business. We found a small strip mall that is located right off the beach and we rented a storefront. Over the last year, we have seen steady increases in income every quarter. We feel that in the next ten to fifteen years, we should be able to retire. We are already getting ready to purchase a sailboat. We love to sail, fish and scuba dive, but we want to be able to use the boat and sail around the world after we retire. We have a while before we can do that, but in the meantime, we are heading in the right direction.

St. Petersburg

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