There are times when I wonder about my sibling.

I suppose that she has the best of intentions however she gets so overwhelmed with things that she chooses to cut corners.

This was always the case in college when she took on every extracurricular interest you can think of but couldn’t manage to keep up with school work. Then she moved out of the residence and made the choice that she was going to take care of a horde of damaged critters… except she couldn’t pay her own bills… Most recently she has left her ex-spouse with her child, however she has not figured out where she is going to live. She has been temporarily living in a trailer and setting up an indoor air quality control machine to make it through the summer season. I was sincerely proud of her for leaving her ex however I’m not blissful about her central heating and cooling machine decisions. She can’t afford to have a high quality indoor air temperature machine, which I understand! However, she went out and picked out a A/C window machine off the side of the road the other day. She seems to actually believe that this a/c machine is going to be nice enough for her and her child to make it through the summer season… Personally, I’m anxious about the quality of the A/C window machine and the indoor air quality it will bring. My biggest issue with everything is the dirty air filter it came with and the brown liquid that has been leaking out of it. I respect my sibling for trying to create a good home, but I am entirely upset about the safety of this disgusting air conditioner machine.

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