I paid for HVAC classes, now I want some return on investment

If you invest in something, pay for it, you should not feel bad about getting something in return, right? Don’t get my wrong, I’m not putting a guilt trip on my kid or anything, but I think I have a good point.

I paid for his education, and now that he can, he should use that education to do something nice for me. Seriously, I’m asking you here, does this make me a bad parent? I didn’t pay for his school just to get something in return, but should I hesitate to ask for a big favor like this? Basically, I paid for the night classes he took for his HVAC certification training program. Going to school to learn HVAC is a concentrated program, and by no means is it easy, but it does take a lot less time than university, and costs a fraction of the tuition. He aced the classes, for his certification, and now has a nice full time job for a local HVAC dealership, mostly doing deliveries and installation jobs. I had him come over and check out my central HVAC system and give it a tune up, and he was happy to do that for me. I really need new ventilation in my kitchen, an exhaust fan, an air vent or two, but I feel weird about asking him. Past that, there is the greenhouse out back I would love to get converted for a cannabis growhouse, but I’ll need a climate control system for it. It will be weird asking my kid to do ventilation for my marijuana crops.

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