One of the things that I can’t stand is when I have to deal with terrible air quality, then i don’t like dealing with terrible air quality anywhere I go, however I especially can’t deal with it in my own house, this is why I decided to invest in things to make sure my air quality remains good.

  • I purchased a UV media air cleaner that works in tangent with my Heating plus Air Conditioning.

The UV media air cleaner is good because it uses a HEPA air filter which pulls 99.9% of contaminants from the air, also, the UV light works to get rid of those pesky viruses plus bacteria that are surrounding us. I don’t like getting sick, so I felt this was a must have for my home. The unfortunate thing is that most locales don’t have UV media air cleaners. I guess that every residence and locale of the company should be required to have UV media air cleaners because they are so excellent at keeping nice air quality plus eliminating germs. I also use high MERV rated air filters. I have been thinking about trying to switch to HEPA air filters though, however I figure my media air cleaner has me covered with those. I also make sure to have my HVAC duct system cleaned out once per year so that there is no option of dust and some debris building up inside of there. Another thing I invested in was a nice humidifier/dehumidifier unit. This allows me to keep the ideal humidity levels in my house, however hey, I am dead extreme when it comes to keeping nice air quality!


Heating tune up

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