I’m kind of creeped out right now.

HVAC technicians found a dead body on my neighbor’s property.

My neighbor was getting their entire HVAC system replaced. Apparently the system was over 20 years old. This replacement included having the air conditioner compressor replaced, along with the cement base underneath the compressor. Usually HVAC companies install a very large, solid cement brick underneath the air conditioner compressor. However, the cement base under the old compressor was simply poured concrete. It wasn’t even or anything. That’s why the HVAC company wanted to replace the compressor bass. However, when they dug up the old cement base, they found bones. The police were called out and it turns out that it was a body that’s been there for at least 20 years. That was long before my neighbors bought the house. If I remember correctly, three or four different families have owned that house since the early 2000s. I’m sure the police are looking into the whole situation and everything but I’m very curious. I’m trying to remember the people who lived there back in the early 2000s. I think it might have been a middle-aged veteran but I’m not sure. I didn’t move into my house until 1999. So the murderer might have happened even before I moved to the neighborhood. I can’t remember anybody having HVAC work done on my neighbor’s house, since I’ve lived here. I wonder if my new neighbors are going to stay in the house, now that they know it’s history, or if they’re going to move out. I haven’t seen the HVAC technicians come back and work on the HVAC system in a few days. I wonder if that’s because the owner stopped them or the police did.

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