When you grow up in Florida, you get used to the wildlife and the creatures that lurk around every corner.

My friends and I all grew up in the Bradenton area of Florida.

We have a lot of parks in our part of Bradenton. My friends and I spend our weekends biking around the city and we often do a lot of hiking. We don’t have a lot of forests or mountains in Florida, but we still have a couple of a lot of natural habitat to enjoy. We have seen snakes lizards birds and even a couple of alligators in our adventure, but we have never seen rattlesnakes. We know that the rattlesnake is supposed to be in the wild, but you couldn’t tell it by us. A couple of weeks ago, we decided to get together and go hiking in one of our local parks. I had my camera along so I could take some pictures of the birds and other wildlife. I was just getting ready to take a picture of a red-headed woodpecker, and I stepped on a branch. At the same time I heard the branch break, I also heard the rattle of a rattlesnake. I turned around just in time to see a rattlesnake rear up and get ready to strike. I backed up enough to keep the snake from connecting with my boot or my leg. I would hate to think how we would have gotten out of the brush if I had been bitten. I wished I had picked up my camera and taken a picture of the rattlesnake because I knew no one was going to believe me. When I started to back up, the snake scurried off the path.

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