Due to a medical condition, I don’t do well in the heat at all.

I know that everyone gets uncomfortable when they’re hot but for me it’s dangerous.

I can literally pass out. That’s why it was such a big problem when my air conditioner stopped working in August. I drove home from work and was feeling very tired and lethargic. I was hoping to just relax on the couch a little bit before starting dinner. However, as soon as I opened my front door, I noticed how hot it was in my house. I think it was hotter inside the house than it was outside. I messed with the thermostat a bit but no matter what I did the air conditioner would not turn on. I called up my local HVAC company and told them I was willing to pay extra for an emergency visit. The HVAC technicians came out about 2 hours later and got to work on my air conditioning system. Meanwhile, I was feeling more and more unwell. I started using ice packs on the back of my neck but it wasn’t helping very much. I guess the HVAC technicians saw how ill I was becoming. They offered to call 911 for me but I told them I would be okay. They did, however, wave the emergency visit fee. They also got my air conditioner up and running again for me. For that I’m very grateful. I’m probably not going to be able to go to work tomorrow though. A thing like this has a really bad impact on my body. But at least I know I’ll be alright now.


Cooling industry

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