Sometimes I really wonder about the inconsiderate nature of other human beings.

I guess that I am the sort of person who goes out of my way not to be a burden on anyone around me.

This is especially true when it comes to professional relationships. If a coworker asks anything of me I’m going to bend over backwards to make sure that it gets accomplished. However, I know that this isn’t common in the modern world. Even when you’re paying for a professional service, you’d better make sure the technician cares about your appliances. This was especially true a few weeks ago when I called out a heating and cooling technician. I was having some issues with my air conditioning system and I just wanted a professional air quality control specialist to take a look at the air conditioning units before it broke down on me. Unfortunately, when the HVAC worker arrived he was very rough with my AC unit. I watched while he banged around on it and almost broke the fan inside. When the air conditioning system was finally fixed I was actually worried that the cooling unit had been broken in all of his troubleshooting. I paid the bill and decided I would call the dealership to complain about the heating and cooling technician later. Unfortunately, this HVAC tech didn’t even make it out of the driveway before I had to call his boss at the heating and cooling repair shop. On his way out of my driveway I watch the heating and cooling worker run over my mailbox and keep driving. Immediately, I was picking up the phone and filing a detailed complaint.

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