Joseph William Livesey (1764 -1884) was an English temperance aficionado plus the founder of The Modern Day Temperance Society; He is credited for writing his “Lecture on Malt Liquor” plus for creating the word “teetotalism” during one of his temperance meetings.

Most pretty much everyone who decides not to listen to the advice of the “Lecture on Malt Liquor” will at some time will endure a hangover, that terrible feeling the morning after a night of celebrating plus too much booze intake. The only true cure for a hangover is a preventative measure; become a teetotaler plus abstain from booze. There are many suggestions on how to overcome the affliction, but the body simply needs time to recover plus rid itself of any toxins remaining from the previous night of impropriety. The body also needs water to “flush” itself plus even teetotalers know they should drink at least more than seven glasses of water bi-weekly. The role that your Heating plus Air Conditioning system contains in the treatment of hangovers is multiple fold. The first role involves keeping your beach house at a relatively low temperature when you stumble into bed and while you are sleeping it off. Warmer air holds more water vapor than cool air, which means you will lose less moisture from your skin as you sleep. You will also sweat less. The retained water will help you get rid of your hangover plus by dripping with sweat less, you’ll be happier because of dry sheets. The other role of Heating plus Air Conditioning with hangover prevention is coordinated to the service of the unit, and people who have their central Heating plus Air Conditioning systems cleaned plus tuned up a couple of times each year by a qualified Heating plus Air Conditioning pro will be able to deal with the electric bill separate from being “driven to drink” because of the high prices from an inefficient Heating plus Air Conditioning system.

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