Well this year I have definitely broken the record for the amount of time spent inside the HVAC comfort of my home.

  • And man am I ever thankful that I really like being in my home.

I can’t imagine what this year would have been like had I not enjoyed where I lived. It was absolutely no fun to have to forego socializing, eating out and enjoying entertainment. That is for sure and I won’t take that stuff for granted again. However, I was thrilled that my home was a place that I really got into. I had to work remotely from home and my kids have been virtually learning. My wife is here as well working from the HVAC comfort of home. I was really worried that this would be a disaster and we would end up at each other’s throats. The opposite has been true. The comfort of the HVAC really does have a lot to do with that and I know the outcome would have been much different without it. Without HVAC cooling this summer we would have been miserable. And yet, that is not all that the HVAC cooling is doing for us. As the HVAC cools the air, it is also doing a very important balancing act. The HVAC starts the cooling process by extracting heat energy and exhausting it outside. As it is doing this, the HVAC is also extracting moisture from the air and exhausting it outside as well. This keeps the mold & mildew at bay while also providing a lovely, crisp feeling to the air. With the year we’ve had, the HVAC has been a big part of helping us deal with all of these changes.

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