A couple of months ago, I had to break up with my boyfriend.

I was so in love with him that I had to break up with him to make him happy.

I knew he didn’t want a family and I found out that I was going to have a baby. I refused to talk to him on the phone and I even moved back home to Clearwater where my mom and dad lived. I didn’t really think I would see my boyfriend again since he lived in Bradenton, but I saw him on the street the other day. I tried to go the other direction before he could see me, but I was too slow. His eyes got wide when he saw my belly. I wanted to tell him it wasn’t his baby, but he was a lot smarter than that. Although he asked if he was the father, it was more of a statement than a question. I told him I knew how he felt about a family and that I knew he didn’t want to get married and he began to laugh. He said he had said those things when we first started dating two years earlier. He really wanted to marry me and he would have asked if I hadn’t run away. He is now looking for another job as an HVAC technician, right here in Clearwater. He worked his old job for several years and he knows his boss will give him a good recommendation. I knew he was a good HVAC technician and I even asked my dad if he knew where he could get a good job. My dad gave him the name of a local HVAC company that was owned by a friend of his.



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