Happy with the smart thermostat I got for Christmas

My family realizes that I’m very practical.

  • I have a hard time spending money on anything.

I’m super frugal, and never buy unnecessary things for myself. I would rather go without. I shop sales, deals and discounts. My house is not equipped with luxuries. I never have the latest or greatest technological innovation. I live a pretty simple life. However, I also go without modern benefits and conveniences. When I invested in a new furnace and air conditioner, I spent as little as possible. I refused to pay extra for the bells and whistles such as zone control and adaptable speed technology. Because of this, my heating and cooling systems aren’t overly energy efficient. I’m paying higher monthly heating and cooling bills because I was too cheap to buy top-of-the-line HVAC equipment. Until recently, I got by with an ancient manual thermostat. It served only one function. I could adjust the indoor temperature of the home. However, the old furnace was not overly precise. Before leaving for work in the morning, I needed to remember to either lower or raise the thermostat to conserve energy. Otherwise, I was paying a fortune to heat or cool an empty house. I was very good about remembering. This meant that I then came back from work to an extremely cold or overheated house. For Christmas this past year, my mom and dad gave me a smart thermostat. They even paid to have a licensed HVAC contractor install it. They spent a lot of money to get the very best model possible. The thermostat is awesome. It automatically adjusts temperature according to my typical schedule. I rarely have to make any adjustments and it has saved me a ton of money already. I like that it tracks my energy usage and offers energy saving tips. It sends me an alert when it’s time to change the air filters or schedule HVAC maintenance. I also get notified if there’s a severe temperature fluctuation.
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