Ex turns up and locks thermostat to make moving out miserable

I recently went through a very difficult break-up.

I was not prepared for how nasty it got.

For six years, we got along great. We spent so much time together and assumed we’d get married and spend the rest of our lives together. Unfortunately, everything completely fell apart. We started arguing over little things. Eventually, we both got hurt and wanted out. Our emotions completely overwhelmed any rational thought and the situation escalated very quickly. Suddenly there was a battle going on instead of a reasonable separation. It’s been a horrible break up. A few weeks ago, I was finally allowed to get my things out of my ex’s house. I had left all of my stuff behind because I was in such a hurry to get away from him. Then he refused to let me back into the house. We fought over it. He finally agreed in the middle of July. It was ungodly hot and humid and not the best conditions to be moving furniture and heavy boxes. When I got into the house, I noticed that the place was terribly overheated and clammy. I checked the thermostat and saw that my idiot ex had set it to 80 degrees. Of course, he had to make the job of moving out as miserable as possible. Rather than being a decent guy, he had purposely turned up the thermostat. Even though it was nearly 90 degrees outside, the air conditioner wasn’t running. The house was swelteringly and humid. He’d also installed a smart thermostat that required a code. I had no way to turn down the thermostat or start up the air-conditioning system. I considered smashing his new thermostat. I thought about calling out an HVAC contractor to install a new thermostat and not providing my ex with the code. Instead, I figured it best to simply get through the move quickly. I didn’t want to continue to deal with him any longer.

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