Don’t you love when you have big plans and the world does nothing but create obstacles to ruin your intentions? This is an unfortunate part of my life, it seems.

I have always had a really terrible lock and I have accepted that things will generally go wrong in my life whenever possible. For the past few months, I have desperately needed a real break from work. I’ve been extremely stressed out by the environment and all of my co-workers for some amount of time. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take a vacation because of the unfortunate drama around my workplace. I finally was reaching my breaking point and decided I had to take a holiday, no matter what. After all of this time we didn’t, I pulled the trigger and asked for a week off of work. I expected to use my time lounging comfortably inside, going outside and appreciating the fall air, and preparing for the coming winter season. Unfortunately, the world decided that winter should arrive several months early. The same week that I requested off of work, the outdoor climate changed drastically and the air temperature declined by about 30 degrees. Suddenly, my week off wasn’t looking so relaxing. I was not prepared for this uneven hot and cold temperature swing, so my heating system was not ready for operation. On my vacation I had to track down a brand new heating, cooling, and ventilation company and arrange a routine service appointment. Unfortunately, it took them 5 days two arrived on site and perform the heating service. Rather than lounging around and taking care of things outside on my long-awaited vacation, I got to stay inside and bundle up against the ice cold air.



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