Living where I do is no fun what so ever.

It is dry and hot most of the year, and I always feel sluggish because of it! A lot of this is not only because the climate is horrible, but because I really don’t have much of a chance to take in some natural air into my lungs.

I am constantly in dry air conditioning all the time just to stay alive, as are most of the people around here in my area. It really is pretty horrible to be totally honest. I would dream for just one day that the air quality outside would get a little humid or something to where it would at least bring some moisture into the air! Not that this would be much better, but it would be a little better at least and not all dry! The best solution is just to move. But at this point I do not have the funds to be able to do this at all. So what I have to do is just continue to deal with it. I may go and invest in one of those whole home air purification systems to put into my central heating and air conditioning system. That way it may make it so breathing in all this dry and unnatural air conditioning won’t be quite as bad for me, and the whole home air purification system will actually take charge and clean some of the indoor air quality in the house to give me a little more of a slight bit of indoor comfort!

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