With the coronavirus out and about, I can’t do any of my normal stuff. I had a really nice routine going. I would get up super early and hit the core progression near me before work. I would do the early morning cardio session with a fitness expert in order to wake up. I showered in the locker rooms and got ready for work there. Doing this had me beating rush hour and showing up to work already fresh and ready to roll. I could leave a hair early from work too in order to make it home before traffic as well. I then would have the rest of my day to do whatever I wanted. Now with the virus, I am doing my job online. I don’t need to worry about traffic and being dressed for success. I also don’t have my fitness class right now. My gym is closed until further notice and I am feeling the effects. I don’t get up as early anymore and exercise before my work day. I don’t see the point of hurrying to work out when I am home anyway. Doing this makes me tired and sluggish all day. After working a full day, I don’t want to exercise either. I usually end up dogging my work out and laying on the mat most of the time. I also have no clue what to do either. My fitness expert is the one that tells me what to do. I am just winging it here and it is showing. I feel like I am gaining tons of weight because my routine is all off.

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