Before winter comes this year, we are really going to have to look into getting a new heating system for our house.

Our furnace has been increasingly troublesome for the past few years, and last year was the worst.

Last winter was a rough one here in the northern part of the country where we live. The weather started cooling down right around Thanksgiving, and then before Christmas, the temperature was staying in the teens for weeks at a time! So of course, we were running our gas furnace basically non-stop for days at a time. Our heating bill was really high, and part of the time, we were even supplementally heating our house with the fireplace, too! This year, my husband and I have decided that we’re going to be proactive with the heating system, though. The weather isn’t really even cooling down much yet and we’ve already started looking into different types of heating units. My husband wants to stick with a gas furnace, albeit another newer type of system. I want to try something called radiant heated flooring, though. I think that we would love having radiant heated flooring as our main source of heat for the winters around here! We would be able to walk around barefoot all year long! That sounds exciting to me. I love being barefoot, but with the way ur gas furnace has been behaving the past few years, you have to wear socks and slippers in our house at all times. We’re going in to talk with our HVAC company next week, so hopefully we will make a decision before the weather cools down too much more.
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