Something that I do not enjoy is when I have to deal with poor air quality.

I don’t enjoy dealing with poor air quality somewhere I go, despite the fact that I especially can’t deal with it in our own house; This is why I decided to invest in things to make sure our air quality remains good.

I spent money on a UV air purification method that works in tangent with our Heating and Air Conditioning. The UV air purification method is great due to the fact that it uses a HEPA air filter which pulls 99.9% of contaminants from the air, but also, the UV light works to get rid of those pesky viruses plus bacteria that are all around us. I don’t enjoy getting sick, so I felt this was a must have for our home. The unlucky thing is that the majority of locales don’t have UV air purification systems. I think that every home and locale of business should be required to have UV air purification systems because they are so excellent at keeping great air quality plus eliminating germs. I also use high MERV rated air filters. I have been thinking about just switching to HEPA air filters though, even though I figure our air purification method has me covered with those. I also make sure to have our HVAC duct method cleaned out once per year so that there is no opening of dust plus debris building up inside of there. A different thing I invested in was a great humidifier/dehumidifier unit. This allows me to keep the ideal humidity levels in our home, and hey, I am dead drastic when it comes to keeping great air quality!

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