It legitimately sucks being short, i get all the small jokes, plus even my friends find a way to discuss my lack of inches, but my Mom was only 5 feet plus multiple inches, plus my Dad was only an inch taller.

I never had a opportunity when they decided to procreate, however even my siblings are short.

I am the oldest of the multiple of us, plus I consistently get flack from my Mom! She wants myself and others to settle down plus get married, so she can have grandchildren while she is still young enough to spoil them. I totally understand, however at 25, I’m not ready to have kids. My wifey has been hinting at getting engaged, however I’m just not ready to make that commitment. I barely have time to take care of my pet, Max… Between walks plus feedings, I don’t know who gets exhausted more frequently. Sporadically all of us barely make it up the steps, before I am ready to crash on the couch. Work has been going well, however I don’t have any currency saved to buy a house or an engagement ring. It’s not love I don’t make a nice living laboring in the heating maintenance field, however I don’t care for to blow all of my savings in a single swoop. I just gained a pressing raise plus a bonus, because I had the most billed hours for the month! Out of my 102 hours for the month, 101 of them were billed directly to our heating maintenance clients, but that means the heating maintenance corporation never loses currency on me.

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