A smelly fishing vacation

For the past few weeks I have been back home where I grew up going to see our parents and friends, however during the majority of our visits our family and I tend to hang out around the home, just talking and partaking in lazy activities care about enjoying movies and playing board games, then this past weekend, however, our parents thought that it would be fun to chop from the norm and go out on a family fishing trip, but it sounded fantastic to myself and others as well at the time, but looking back on it now it was angry.

The small home that both of us rented down by the lake was seriously small and had no amenities whatsoever.

There was no air conditioning installed, there wasn’t even a fan to maintain some form of circulation; Every one of us thought that it was bad when both of us first got there, but it only got worse once both of us had caught some fish and brought them inside to prepare. There was a small vent directly over the section in the family room where both of us were prepping the fish and it didn’t take long for the disgusting scents to spread throughout the house. Every one of us couldn’t turn off the air conditioning unit or else it would be overheated and angry, but both of us couldn’t handle the scent of the fish moving throughout the cabin. Every one of us ended up putting on makeshift masks in order to stop the smells and opened up a few windows to get some fresh air in, then our efforts didn’t do much, and by the time the day came the next day both of us were out of there. I am proud of us for trying to do something fun instead of what both of us normally do, however I know both of us will stick with enjoying movies in the living room.


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